The ozone layer is a natural shield protecting us from the harmful UV-radiation
A healthy atmosphere, the Future We Want
Now: Pumps and alternative propellants using hydrocarbons are being used

Then: CFCs were the propellant used in various spray cans.

International Ozone Day Celebrations, Yerevan, September 2012
International Ozone Day Celebrations, Yerevan, September 2014

International Ozone Day Celebrations, Yerevan, September 2014



The Annual Meeting of the Regional Ozone Network of Europe and Central Asia (ECA) took place in Yerevan, Armenia on 26-28 May 2015. The meeting is part of the agreed work programme of the ECA network under the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol which is supporting developing countries to comply with the Montreal Protocol provisions. The meeting was attended by the representative of about 20 network countries and countries with economies in transition.

It took place in the context of the accelerated phase-out of HCFCs which requires developing countries to achieve a 10% reduction of their HCFC consumption and developed countries a 90% reduction in 2015 compared with their respective baselines.

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 Source - Armenia Television


The Public Radio of Armenia has also prepared a report.




In the spring 2015, National Ozone Unit of Armenia was organized an open classes and seminars for informing children about ozone layer, ultraviolet rays and its impact on human health. At the end of the classes children learned the basic rules of how to have a right sunbathing, which is very important to know, especially before summer holidays.  








The National Ozone Unit under the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA has prepared a little surprise for the kindergarten children, who visited the Museum of Nature of Armenia. At the end of the tour they received informational puzzles of how to protect themselves from ultra-violet rays.





Round table discussion

On Changes in ODS and ODS Based Equipment Imports/Exports Procedure



On March 30, 2015, the National Ozone Unit organized a round table discussion on changes in ODS and ODS based equipment imports/exports procedures at the UN House of Armenia. Economic agents, Ms. Anahit Simonyan UNIDO’s Head of Operations, Mr. Armenak Melkonyan, Customs Focal Point, Ministry of Finance, and the representatives of the Atmospheric Air Policy division and Waste and Air Emissions Monitoring Agency under the Staff of the Ministry of Nature Protection participated in the discussion. During the meeting ODS related Legal Acts amendments resulting from the accessions of Armenia to the Eurasian Economic Union were presented. The issues raised in discussion were clarified through questions and answers session. At the end of the meeting the National Ozone Unit ensured circulating the sample application forms to all the participants and regular update on changes in this field.















On 15 November 2014 the National Ozone Unit under the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA organized an open class dedicated to the ozone layer for 82 schoolchildren of Shikahogh, Tsav, Chakaten, Srashen and Nerqin Hand remote border communities.

The Deputy Minister of Nature Protection of the RA Mr.Khachik Hakobyan started with the opening speech and  presented the Ministry's ongoing activities particularly in this region. Next, the Head of UNIDO Operations in Armenia Mrs. Anahit Simonyan presented UNIDO's mission in Armenia.The head of the National Ozone Unit Mrs. Liana Ghahramanyan demonstrated the theoretical and didactic materials about the ozone layer protection, talked on the danger of the UV radiation and how to protect ourselves from it. The National Focal Point to the Ramsar Convention in Armenia Mr. Karen Jenterejyan spoke about special protected areas, their reach flora and fauna.

 In the end children painted thematic images of the nature on a big poster. All pupils of five communities received school backpacks with necessary stationary, environmental educational brochures on various topics. The schools were awarded with bicycles and thematic games to be used during the physical training and geography classes. 



Individual quota for HCFC import01.12.2012 NOTICE : Starting from 1 January 2013 in order to import HCFC into Armenia it is mandatory to...