World Environment Day at the Armenian National Agrarian University, 5 June 2014
Round Table on the Protection of the Ozone Layer, YSUAC, 17 April 2014
Round Table on the Protection of the Ozone Layer, Yerevan State University, 25 March 2014
Customs Training, 7 and 14 March 2014

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16 September - International Ozone Day
Protect yourself from harmful UV radiation
The ozone layer is a natural shield protecting us from the harmful UV-radiation
A healthy atmosphere, the Future We Want
Now: Pumps and alternative propellants using hydrocarbons are being used

Then: CFCs were the propellant used in various spray cans.

25th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol



Ban Ki-moon
16 September 2014


Just over a quarter century ago, the world united to reverse the rapid depletion of the atmospheric ozone layer, which protects Earth from harmful radiation from space. Today, the ozone layer is well on track to recovery within the next few decades.

The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer is widely recognized as one of the most successful environmental treaties in history. It establishes legally binding controls on the national production and consumption of ozone-depleting substances, and enjoys universal ratification by 197 parties.

Recent scientific findings reveal the importance of the Montreal Protocol. Without the Protocol and associated agreements, atmospheric levels of ozone-depleting substances could have increased ten-fold by 2050. Concerted action has prevented millions of cases of skin cancer.

The Protocol has also significantly contributed to the fight against climate change, as many ozone-depleting substances are powerful greenhouse gases. Climate change is affecting communities, economies and ecosystems across the globe. It is essential that we act to mitigate the threat with the same unity of purpose as we have in facing the dangers of ozone depletion.





               “Ozone Layer Protection: The Mission Goes On”



                     THE WINNERS OF PHOTOCONTEST:



                       Anna Armenuhi Grigoryan, 16 years old






                                     Robert Harutyunyan, 24 years old







                                     Robert Harutyunyan, 24 years old





                                                       Lusine Torosyan, 16 years old




Lusine Torosyan, 16 years old





                                                            Lusine Torosyan, 16 years old






                                                    Arman Armaghanyan, 14 years old






                                                               Nare Khachatryan, 16 years old







  Round Table on the Protection of the Ozone Layer
Yerevan State University
25 March 2014

7 MARCH 2014 


The Republic of Armenia ratified the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in October, 1999. The Country Programme for Phasing Out Ozone Depleting Substances to meet the country obligations under the Montreal Protocol was finalized in 2001, with assistance of UNDP and UNEP consultancy. GEF approved the Country Programme, but financing was made available only after the ratification of the Montreal Protocol London Amendment.

The Fourteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XIV/2 to accept the application of Armenia to be listed as a developing country operating under Article 5 of the Montreal Protocol, taking into account its difficult economic situation, on the understanding that the process for ratification of the London Amendment in Armenia must be completed before any assistance from the Multilateral Fund can be rendered to the Party.

Armenia ratified the London and Copenhagen Amendments in November, 2003 and in 2004 GEF approved the Country Programme of Armenia for the second time.

Armenia further committed to comply with the Montreal Protocol implementation through the ratification of the Montreal and Beijing Amendments in December 2008. The National Ozone Unit (NOU) established in Janiary 2005 under the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia, is the focal point for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and coordination of all phase-out related activities in the country. The NOU actively cooperate with ministries and inter-ministerial bodies as well as with advisory groups such as NGOs, RAC and others.

The NOU is responsible for:

  • Co-coordinating and managing the activities of the IS Project;
  • Daily technical assistance to public and private counterparts, including SMEs end-users and customs offices;
  • Continue monitoring and control of imports and use of ODS in cooperation with Customs Authorities.
  • Update on a regular basis the Inventory and the data base, including improvement of the national electronic data base to cover HCFCs data;
  • Assistance and co-ordination for the remaining phase-out project applications;
  • Organization, implementation and monitoring of training sessions for local authorities
  • Development of a public awareness programme;
  • Review the current regulations and propose the necessary amendments, preparation of legislation and initiate the legislative measures to control the HCFCs
  • Liaison between Government and responsible international organizations (Multilateral Fund Secretariat, Implementing agencies etc.);
  • Information exchange with other Parties;
  • Reporting of consumption data to the Ozone Secretariat of UNEP, on an annual basis, as per reporting requirements of Article 7;
  • Reporting of progress on Country Programme implementation to the Multilateral Fund Secretariat and UNIDO, on an annual basis, as per decision 193 of the 13th ExCom. 

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