The ozone layer is a natural shield protecting us from the harmful UV-radiation
A healthy atmosphere, the Future We Want
Now: Pumps and alternative propellants using hydrocarbons are being used

Then: CFCs were the propellant used in various spray cans.

International Ozone Day Celebrations, Yerevan, September 2012
International Ozone Day Celebrations, Yerevan, September 2014

International Ozone Day Celebrations, Yerevan, September 2014



On 15 November 2014 the National Ozone Unit of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA organized an open class dedicated to the ozone layer for 82 schoolchildren of Shikahogh, Tsav, Chakaten, Srashen and Nerqin Hand remote border communities. The head of the National Ozone Unit Liana Ghahramanyan presented the theoretical and didactic materials about the ozone layer protection, the danger of the UV radiation and means of protection from it. At the end of the class, children painted thematic images of the nature on a big poster. Karen Jenterejyan spoke about special protected areas, their reach flora and fauna. All pupils of five communities received school backpacks full with necessary stationary, environmental educational brochures on various topics; and the schools were awarded bicycles and thematic games to be used during the physical training and geography classes. 


Individual quota for HCFC import01.12.2012 NOTICE : Starting from 1 January 2013 in order to import HCFC into Armenia it is mandatory to...